Madeline Block Oil Painting

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"The Madeline" is a captivating painting that showcases the delicate yet powerful combination of pink and gray oils. The canvas is filled with an ethereal atmosphere, evoking a sense of subtle beauty and tranquility.

The dominant color in the painting is a soft shade of pink, reminiscent of blush or rose petals. This color choice exudes a sense of gentleness, femininity, and tenderness. The pink tones are expertly blended, creating a gradient effect that transitions from light to dark or from warm to cool.

Contrasting with the pink hues, delicate strokes of gray oils are strategically applied throughout the composition. The gray tones balance the softness of the pinks, adding a touch of sophistication and depth to the artwork. The grays can range from lighter shades, almost silver or pearl-like, to deeper charcoal tones, enhancing the overall richness and complexity of the piece.

 Dimensions: 40" x 40"