Holly Doss is an L.A.-based Business Visionary, Color Expert, Artist, Designer and Author. As founder of the HOLLY DOSS brand, she has gained success through a variety of business ventures, encompassing cosmetics, home decor, lifestyle and iimage consulting.

Her expertise is sought by followers around the world and her work has been featured in Forbes, Allure, New Beauty, Lucky, Life & Style, US Weekly, L.A. Splash, 944, Pregnancy & Newborn, Time Out New York and Jezebel magazines. She has also been featured on the Today Show, MSN & AOL suggested brands, Swagtime and countless blogs.

Holly Doss remains the sole Creator & CEO of the HOLLY DOSS Brand and is a Wife & Mother of 3. A Georgia native, she resides in Los Angeles, California.


For more than 20 years, HOLLY DOSS has worked to create and deliver the best possible products, helping customers possess their own personal style—not jjust buy what's in season.

It is in that spirit and the modern elegance portrayed in HOLLY DOSS products, that the brand has expanded from a makeup line into beauty, lifestyle and home decor products. Quickly becoming a leading specialty brand, HOLLY DOSS offers a vast array of classic, timeless products that withstand trends, yet remain on the pulse of the Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and Home Decor industries.


Before she was known for her elegant use of pigment, Holly Doss pursued her love of color by studying and earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design & Architecture, with an emphasis on Color Theory. Yet, fate had a different plan. The day after graduation, she met and deeply connected with her mentor, Trish McEvoy, who insisted she transfer her talents into cosmetic artistry and hired her as a National Makeup Artist.

After working with an elite clientele and the industry's finest, Holly eventually went on to create her own line - a lavish array of products inspired by her love of color, texture, layering and a Universal demand for individuality. Debuting her first collection of 26 eyeshadows in 2004, the pigments provided a refined finish varying from barely detectable to strikingly bold, gaining her an almost immediate cult following.

The full spectrum of fashion-forward colors, high-end makeup brushes, and Holly's pure heart of gold put the HOLLY DOSS brand on the map. Celebrities, beauty insiders, loyal customers and makeup artists who began wearing Holly Doss Cosmetics compared the quality of the line most to Chanel and the multi-talented artist behind it to Francois Nars.


In 2018, Holly expanded the brand yet again by adding HOLLY DOSS HOME, a natural addition based on her formal education, credentials and overall experience as an Artist.

HOLLY DOSS HOME offers an array of products and services that transforms properties into real homes with personality, character and individuality, without sacrificing great design. True to the brand, Holly’s use of color and balance are used to create extraordinary outcomes filled with warmth, love and personal style.