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The hexagonal antique silver finish mirror is a captivating and unique piece that combines vintage charm with modern design. Its hexagonal shape and antique silver finish create a visually striking and visually interesting addition to any space.

The mirror features a hexagonal shape, setting it apart from traditional rectangular or round mirrors. This unique shape brings a modern and contemporary touch while also adding a sense of geometry and balance to the overall design.

The antique silver finish adds a touch of old-world charm and elegance to the mirror. The silver patina lends an aged and weathered look, reminiscent of antique mirrors found in opulent homes or vintage markets. This aged appearance gives the mirror character and adds a sense of timeless beauty to any room.

With its clear and reflective surface, the mirror offers practical functionality for everyday use. It provides an opportunity for checking one's appearance and also enhances the depth and light in a room.

The hexagonal shape and antique silver finish make this mirror a versatile piece that can complement various decor styles. It can serve as a focal point in a modern or contemporary space, adding a touch of uniqueness and visual interest. Alternatively, it can bring vintage elegance to a more traditional or eclectic setting.

Overall, the hexagonal antique silver finish mirror is a visually captivating and versatile piece. Its hexagonal shape adds a modern touch, while the antique silver finish evokes vintage charm. The mirror not only serves as a functional item but also becomes a stylish and statement-making addition to any room.


Antique Silver Finish

Dimensions: 20.5W x 18H

Shipping Time: 6-10 Weeks